Beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts across France, as well as its neighbors, are once again being tested by sweeping Summer heat waves.

From a high of 33C (91.4F) on Thursday, temperatures are set to soar five to 10C over the next week across France.

Large southern French cities and tourist hubs like Toulouse will see weekend temperatures of 40C (104F), while Cannes will see only highs of 31C and 32C for the weekend. Humidity there, however, will reach 47%.

Below, is the forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday for some of Europe’s major tourist destinations :

Cologne, Germany: 34C/37C/37C, Humidity: 48%

Marseille, France: 32/32/33, Humidity: 33%

Berlin, Germany: 33/35/33, Humidity: 50%

Venice, Italy: 32/32/32, Humidity: 72%

Lisbon, Portugal: 31/30/29, Humidity: 62%

Bucharest, Romania: 36/35/32, Humidity: 50%

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: 33/34/32, Humidity: 52%

Brussels, Belgium: 35/37/36, Humidity: 24%

Athens, Greece: 32/31/32, Humidity: 60%

Frankfurt, Germany: 33/34/32, Humidity: 39%

Prague, Czech Republic: 31/31/31, Humidity: 46%

Madrid, Spain: 40/39/39, Humidity: 24%

Zagreb, Croatia: 30/31/32, Humidity: 68%

Rome, Italy: 34/36/36, Humidity: 37%

Seville, Spain: 37/39/38, Humidity: 45%

Murcia, Spain: 36/38/40, Humidity: 69%

Naples, Italy: 31/31/33, Humidity: 69%

Istanbul, Turkey: 32/31/29, Humidity: 72%

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