YALOVA, Turkiye

Nearly 500,000 tourists enjoyed the comfort of natural hot springs in northwestern Turkiye last year.

Turkiye’s Yalova province, a top destination for nature lovers, offers domestic and foreign tourists the opportunity for a relaxing thermal holiday any season of the year.

The province draws tourists with 17 facilities with a capacity of 5,000 beds, certified by the country’s Culture and Tourism Ministry as well as businesses with municipal certificates.

A center for healing for civilizations dating back to the Roman era, Yalova’s thermal spas in 2021 attracted nearly half a million visitors, including 120,000 tourists from the US, Germany, Iran, Russia, Portugal, Switzerland, Greece, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, Umit Gurbuzoglu, deputy head of the Health Ministry’s Thermal Hot Springs Enterprise, said Yalova is a special favorite for Russian tourists.

Russian vacationers enjoy Yalova’s atmosphere, including the hot springs as well as nature, he added.

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