In a televised address, Greece’s prime minister Tuesday unveiled the government’s plan to gradually lift lockdown measures.

After 37 days of full lockdown, Greece has managed to limit its COVID-19 confirmed cases to 2,534 infections and 138 deaths, one of the lowest numbers in Europe.

Greece was one of the first European countries to order the closure of all schools, bars, cafes restaurants, nightclubs, gyms, malls, cinemas, retail stores, museums, archaeological sites, and hotels, and received much praise for this.

Premier Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that as of May 4 circulation will be free for citizens within their prefecture without the need to send a text message stating the reason for leaving one’s home.

There will be a gradual lifting on closures starting with bookstores, electronic shops, small retail shops, and sports stores.

Hairdressers will be open by appointment only and with a strict rule for a maximum number of people.

The remaining stores will reopen on May 11, the same day as senior high schools.

Bigger stores like malls, restaurants, and cafes will reopen on June 1 with strict social distancing rules.

“Returning to work may prove to be more difficult than staying at home,” Mitsotakis warned, adding that “the virus will live among us” and asked for the public to stay on constant alert and to continue taking the necessary hygienic measures.

Mitsotakis also said there would be a 24-hour review for possible renewed outbreaks of the virus.

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