Greece violated Turkish airspace 42 times and maritime limits seven times in October, Turkey’s Defense Ministry said on Saturday.

There were also 15 incidents of aircraft being harassed last month and Greek navy ships paid 192 visits to demilitarized islands in violation of international agreements, the ministry said in a statement.

“Although we [Turkey] have always shown that we respect the boundaries and rights of our neighbors, and we stand for peace, friendship, good neighborly relations, and cooperation, Greece continues to increase tensions,” the ministry said.

Greece is making “all kinds of provocative attempts to escalate tensions,” such as declaring an exercise area in the Northern Aegean that includes the demilitarized island of Samothrace, contrary to international agreements, the statement added.

The Turkish Armed Forces will continue to protect the rights and interests of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, the ministry asserted.

The Turkish Armed Forces continue to be a guarantor of peace and security in Cyprus, in line with international guarantees and agreements, it added.

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