Greece is now a rogue state in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, overreaching and crossing the line, said Turkey’s ruling party spokesman on Tuesday.

Turkey will not accept or forgive any action or bluff against its “Blue Homeland” policy of its maritime territory, Omer Celik, spokesman for the Justice and Development (AK) Party, told reporters after a party board meeting.

On the actions in the region of France – which has supported Greek efforts to restrict Turkey to its shores – he said France gains nothing by bringing warjets to the Eastern Mediterranean or holding drills with the Greek Cypriot administration.

Last month, two French Air Force fighter jets and a C-130 cargo aircraft landed in Greek Southern Cyprus under a defense cooperation agreement.

If French President Emmanuel Macron tries to draw a red line in Turkey’s “Blue Homeland,” Turkey will respond in kind, Celik added.

Greece has attempted to illegally restrict Turkey’s maritime territory, trying to box it in to its shores based on small Greek islands near the Turkish coast.

Turkey has argued the sides should instead sit down for dialogue to reach a win-win solution based on fair sharing.

Greece has also recently carried out military drills – including with France – meant to intimidate Turkey into stopping energy exploration, as well as illegally armed Aegean islands, in violation of longstanding peace treaties.

Athens’ recent maritime delimitation agreement with Egypt also violates Turkey’s continental shelf and maritime rights, sparking further tensions between the two neighbors.

France’s partisan approach encouraging Athens has further exacerbated tensions.

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