A company in the Pella region of northern Greece was ordered to shut down on Friday after 114 cases of the novel coronavirus were detected among employees.

Following an order from the Deputy Civil Protection and Crisis Management Minister Nikos Hardalias and in coordination with the National Organization for Public Health, the canning company will remain shut till Oct 11.

Meanwhile, Greek authorities are on alert after a sudden rise in the number of intubated COVID-19 patients — from 78 to 89 — along with Thursday’s 411 new infections — the third-highest number since the end of lockdown in May.

The Attica region still remains on top of the list with the highest concentration of cases, mounting to 272.

The total number of infections nationwide on Thursday stood at 18,886 with the death toll rising to 393 after two more deaths were recorded.

On Friday, the Interior Ministry announced that €40 million ($46.8 million) will be given to 119 municipalities nationwide as emergency assistance. The first relief package of €75 million was distributed in May to all 332 municipalities in the country.

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