KOCAELI, Turkiye

In a bond that transcends species, a Turkish man and a goose named Cango (said “Jahngo”) have been best friends for nearly a decade.

Nine years ago Yilmaz Evcenler, now 47, adopted two geese from a doctor friend.

Although the female goose of the pair died only two weeks later, Evcenler continued to look after Cango, the gander.

Sporting a smart bowtie, Cango travels along with Evcenler wherever he goes, either the shopping bazaars or the fields.

People who see Evcenler and his goose walking outside together are eager to take photos with Cango or feed him cookies.

Evcenler, the father of two children, told Anadolu Agency that Cango is very fond of his family.

“We take the animals to the field, he follows us. After that, I decided to take him to the bazaar,” he said.

Evcenler, who lives in the northwestern province of Kocaeli, also took Cango on road trips to the neighboring Sakarya province and to Istanbul, Turkiye’s largest city.

“We travel with Cango. Whenever I feel stressed, I put Cango in the car and we hit the road,” he added.

When Evcenler gets in his car, Cango follows him, and in the summer he hops into the tractor, helping the family work the field.

Cango also has a prime spot in Evcenler’s minibus, with a place on the front seat taking in the scenery.

The goose also waits for Evcenler to get back home from work, he said.

“When I get home, he immediately starts honking,” he said. “In the morning, when he hears a click at home, he starts up again.”

The geese have sensitive emotions, he said. “I talk to him all the time. When I speak, it starts making noises.”

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