This September saw a host of global environmental disasters, including floods in Bangladesh and Pakistan and heavy rains triggering landslides in both Central Africa and Nepal. 

Here is a timeline compiled by Anadolu Agency

Sept. 2:

– At least 24 people are killed and more than 30 others injured in flash floods and landslides in northern and northwest Pakistan.

Sept. 3:

– At least 12 people are killed, with 41 missing after monsoon rains triggered floods and landslides in a mountain village in midwestern Nepal.

Sept. 4:

– Death toll from flooding in Turkey’s Black Sea province of Giresun rises to 11.

– A landslide in an artisan mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo claims three lives, leaving one injured and one missing.

Sept. 5:

– Death toll from floods in Bangladesh reaches 257, with residents facing difficulties amid coronavirus pandemic, including losses to agriculture and fish farming.

Sept. 7:

– A landslide in northwest Pakistan kills at least nine people and injures six.

Sept. 8:

– Death toll of laborers from a marble mine collapse caused by landslides in northwestern Pakistan rises to 18.

Sept. 12:

– At least 50 artisanal miners are killed when a gold mine collapses in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo due to landslides caused by heavy rains.

Sept. 14:

– Nearly 1,500 homes are flooded and one person is killed by heavy rains in Indonesia’s West Kalimantan province.

Sept. 16:

– Hurricane Sally makes landfall on the US Gulf Coast, bringing life-threatening flooding to parts of the Florida panhandle and Alabama.

Sept. 17:

– At least two people are killed in Indonesia’s West Java province in a landslide caused by heavy rains.

Sept. 19:

– At least two people go missing after torrential rains trigger flash flooding in southern France.

Sept. 20:

– At least three people die in hurricane-like “medicane” (Mediterranean hurricane) storm that hits Greece.

Sept. 21:

– More than 240,000 people are affected and 144,000 displaced by floods in Afar, Ethiopia.

Sept. 22:

– At least 49 neighborhoods in Indonesia’s capital are flooded.

Sept. 29:

– Death toll from flooding in Sudan caused by months of heavy rains rises to 138.

– Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul, hit by hail and heavy rain, causing floods and disrupting traffic.

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