TUNIS, Tunisia

The Tunisian parliament speaker on Friday said that his country is facing a “delicate national circumstance” that requires calm and consensus among governing institutions.

This came during Rached Ghannouchi’s speech in a parliament session to discuss with Cabinet members current health, social and educational conditions in the country.

“Tunisia is facing a delicate and difficult national circumstance and a health crisis,” Ghannouchi said, calling on all parties to calm down, avoid disputes, and achieve harmony between governing institutions.

He added that “national unity and avoiding the disputes inside and outside parliament is the real weapon to secure ways to overcome all obstacles and crises in the country.”

“The country is living in a state of war against the coronavirus pandemic, and there must be positive and rapid interaction with the difficult reality with the highest level of national and societal responsibility to protect the country from slipping and deviations.”

Ghannouchi also warned of the further economic crisis and the resulting phenomena of violence, irregular migration and murder.

As of Friday, Tunisia recorded 19,721 coronavirus cases, and 271 deaths.

*Writing by Mahmoud Barakat

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