In 2021, Germany’s exports rose 14% and imports increased 17.1% from the previous year, according to official data released on Wednesday.

Europe’s largest economy exported €1.37 trillion ($1.57 trillion) worth of goods last year, while value of imported goods stood at €1.2 trillion, the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) announced.

Germany’s foreign trade balance showed a surplus of over €173 billion in 2021, however its export surplus declined for the fifth consecutive year.

“Exports were 3.6% and imports 8.9% above the level of the pre-COVID year 2019,” it said in a statement.

Germany’s top export destination was EU member states, amounting to €747.3 billion in 2021. Its imports from the EU stood at €638.4 billion.

The country’s exports to Turkiye fell 1.4% last year to €21.3 billion, while its imports from Turkiye increased 19.2% to €18.5 billion.

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