Germany’s Defense Ministry on Thursday said they are investigating a video showing a soldier making threats against the government to revoke anti-coronavirus measures and mandatory vaccination for troops.

“The video contains threats against the constitutional state which is unacceptable,” the ministry said in a statement on Twitter, but did not give any further details about the ongoing investigation.

In a widely circulated video, a man who identifies himself as a junior officer and dressed in a military uniform, gives the government an ultimatum to revoke its anti-coronavirus measures, and threatens to take action with his comrades if their demands are not met.

Germany’s military has faced a series of far-right incidents in recent years, and dozens of soldiers were suspended for their ties to right-wing and extremist groups.

The government introduced tougher restrictions this month and made vaccination compulsory for some jobs, including healthcare staff and military personnel.

German health officials have been warning that the number of omicron cases is doubling every two to three days, and that the new coronavirus strain is capable of causing a massive fifth wave of the pandemic at the beginning of January.

The Robert Koch Institute reported 42,770 new daily coronavirus infections and 383 fatalities on Thursday, but also noted that the numbers are incomplete due to the holiday reporting irregularities.

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