JUBA, South Sudan

Over 51 people have been killed by fresh inter-communal violence in northern areas of South Sudan.

Gabriel Awan Mapuoc, secretary general of the former Tonj state, said more than six people had been confirmed dead on Monday, bringing the death toll to 27 people killed since violence erupted last week between the Apuk Padoc and Atok Buk communities in Warrap state.

“On June 26, fighting erupted following a decision by the high court ordering one of the warring communities to pay compensation to a rival community after one of it’s members was killed, which led to the killing of 27 and seven wounded in the last three days,” Mapuoc told Anadolu Agency.

On the other hand, more than 24 people have reportedly been killed and 34 others wounded in revenge attacks in the central Lakes State over the weekend, said local police spokesman Mabor Makuac.

This bring the total number of people killed in the Warrap and Lake state to over 51 people and several others wounded.

“It actually started on June 24 and 25, 2020, when a gunman attacked people at home at Pachong, wounding three people,” he said, answering Anadolu Agency’s questions, adding that further violence had erupted on Saturday, killed dozen and wounded others.

Lakes State and Warrap state have suffered continuous waves of communal conflict largely sparked by cattle-related incidences and revenge attacks.

The Minister of Interior, Paul Mayom Akech, said the government failed to stem ongoing fighting due to a lack of coordination.

He said repeated cattle raiding, attacks, revenge attacks, revenge killings, abductions and killings have made life difficult for communities.

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