A new method of fraud is starting to show itself in online sales, Turkey’s Consumers Union president Mahmut Sahin said Thursday.

Customer interest in online sales is growing every day across the world especially during the pandemic, Sahin told Anadolu Agency.

“Fraud has risen by half in sales on social media platforms during the pandemic,” said Sahin.

“Crooks, whose appetites are whipping up, open a page on social media platforms and promote products at attractive prices. Customers, who do not do any research on the reliability of the page, get caught up in both the price and the convenience that it will come to their doorstep.

“There is no problem in ordering, but there are some pitfalls in the method of payment. We are very likely to be cheated when shopping is made via the internet or by choosing the transfer method from an ATM. Because we are sending money to the account that we are told, but we do not know who the account owner is, who the firm is, who our interlocutor is.

“In the sequel, the product does not arrive and the customer struggles to get the money.”

He added that in 2020 banking-related complaints topped the list.

“If purchases are made online, payments should not be made by bank transfer or credit card. The buyer must receive invoices and receipts with the option of payment at the door.

“For this, we can also apply to the consumer arbitration committee along with a payment document and correspondence, if any,” he added.

*Writing by Merve Berker

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