Former Dallas Mavericks player Shawn Bradley was paralyzed two months ago after he was hit from behind by a vehicle while riding a bicycle, the American basketball club disclosed on Wednesday. 

“Bradley, the 7’6” former NBA player with the Dallas Mavericks, was struck from behind by an automobile while riding his bicycle a mere block from his home in St. George, Utah. The accident caused a traumatic spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed,” the Mavericks said in a statement.

Bradley, 48, had the accident on Jan. 20, 2021.

Following his neck fusion surgery, he has been in a hospital for eight weeks to undergo rehabilitation.

One of the tallest NBA players, Bradley was drafted in 1993. He played in the NBA for 12 seasons and was a Maverick in 1997-2005.

Bradley, who has German and US citizenships, played for the German national team in the EuroBasket 2001 held in Turkey.

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