A formula 1 race Nov. 15 will be a significant opportunity to promote Istanbul and Turkey, the nation’s Turkish youth and sports minister said Tuesday.

“Turkey is one of the countries that perform all kinds of organizations in the best way with warm hospitality in many sports branches and excellent facilities,” Mehmet Kasapoglu said at an event to promote the race at Intercity Istanbul Park.

“Sport means brotherhood, love, unity, and solidarity. These concepts are the most beautifully expressing the spirit of this geography, our country, and this beloved nation,” he said while noting that Turkey will always raise the bar nationally and internationally.

It is a great loss that the race will be conducted without spectators in the seats because of the pandemic, he said, but Turkey will once again prove how beautifully and safely it will carry out such an organization despite coronavirus.

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya also said it is unfortunate the race would be held without spectators but he hopes future F1 races in Turkey would have spectators.

“We want the whole world to see the power of Istanbul,” he added.

Turkish Grand Prix to be behind closed doors

The coronavirus pandemic forced Turkey to organize the race without spectators with Istanbul Governorship confirming the move last month.

Turkey will host a Grand Prix race for the first time since 2011.

Round 14 of the season will take place at the Intercity Istanbul Park in Tuzla district, located on the city’s Asian side.

The circuit’s length is 5.3 kilometers (3.3 miles) and drivers will complete 58 laps.

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