The president of the European Council invited US President Joe Biden on Wednesday to redefine American policy toward China.

Charles Michel also made clear that the bloc would choose the US over China during an on-line debate organized by the Atlantic Council think tank.

“A multilateral approach is needed more than ever,” he said. ”The post-COVID-19 world will demonstrate that we need more international cooperation.”

Michel proposed that the Biden administration work together with the EU to reshape the relationship with the Asian country “especially at the trade and economic level because we think there is a serious imbalance, concern about the level playing field and reciprocity.”

He pointed out that “we need to promote our common values, defend our common interests and we need to engage with China on some global challenges like climate change or COVID-19.”

“We don’t have the same political or social model as China,” he said. “We don’t look over when it comes to human rights, rule of law, democratic values.”

Michel invited Biden last month to participate in a EU leaders’ upcoming summit.

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