The EU on Thursday expressed solidarity with the US on the impact of “Russian cyber activities,” in particular the SolarWinds hack, according to a statement by the EU foreign policy chief.

“The European Union and its Member States express their solidarity with the United States on the impact of malicious cyber activities, notably the SolarWinds cyber operation, which, the United States assesses, has been conducted by the Russian Federation,” said the statement by Josep Borrell.

Calling on all actors to “refrain from irresponsible and destabilising behaviour in cyberspace,” the statement stressed that the EU will continue to investigate “malicious cyber activities with a view to sustained, joint and coordinated action to prevent, discourage, deter and respond to such malicious behaviour in cyberspace, including by closely working with our international partners.”

“We call upon all States to facilitate and play a constructive role in ongoing investigations, and to take appropriate action to promote the security and integrity of ICT products and services and their supply chain,” it added.

The EU’s statement followed the US decision Thursday to expel 10 Russian diplomats for alleged interference in the 2020 presidential election and hacking.

The Biden administration announced an executive order blacklisting six Russian technology firms in response to cyber-attacks on SolarWinds software that affected US government agencies.

Thirty-two entities and individuals were also sanctioned by the US for their attempts to interfere in the US presidential election and other alleged acts of disinformation.

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