A new website featuring travel information to EU countries was launched on Monday.

The platform, Re-open EU aims at providing safe reliable information on travel and tourism to all EU countries.

It shows if a certain country is accessible by a given means of transport, as well as the hygienic and distancing rules applied in that country.

The website can be especially useful for visitors for non-EU countries because it details the conditions of entry and stay in every EU state.

It also lists if visitors need a medical certificate to enter the country or undergo a mandatory quarantine upon arrival.

EU countries are supposed to completely open their internal borders this month, but national measures meant to prevent a second outbreak may be very different.

The EU’s executive body proposed last week to gradually lift the travel ban from July 1 for non-EU citizens coming from countries where the coronavirus situation is the same or better than that in the EU.

The detailed list will be announced later, but the new regulation would likely allow EU citizens and Turkish people living in Europe to go on a holiday to Turkey and return.

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