The industrial output in the EU narrowed 6.2% in August from the same month last year, the bloc’s statistical office reported on Wednesday.

The seasonally adjusted industrial production rose by 1% compared to the last month, which saw a 4.9% rise, marking a slow down in recovery.

This rise was driven by some relaxation of COVID-19 containment measures in many countries in the bloc.

The production of capital goods fell by 12.3%, intermediate goods by 4.6%, energy by 4.0% and non-durable consumer goods by 3.0%, while production of durable consumer goods rose by 5.5%.

The largest drop in industrial production was registered in Luxembourg (-15.8%), followed by Germany (-11.2%) and France (-7.3%).

Increases were registered in Portugal and Lithuania (both 2.1%) as well as Poland (1.3%).

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