Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Monday cast his ballot at a polling station in his native Beshasha town in Jimma, southwestern part of the Oromia region of Ethiopia.

“The prime minister said that the election is going well across the nation,” local broadcaster FANA reported from the most populous region.

He commended the role of the media in the election process and expressed gratitude to the contending political party leaders, especially those who were abroad, for responding to the government’s call and taking part in the historic poll.

Abiy’s elder and younger brothers also cast their votes in Beshasha.

FANA quoted the premier’s brother, Tofik Ahmed, 28, as saying he was voting for a party that could bring peace and prosperity to the country.

The premier’s other brother, Zakir Ahmed, who is a farmer, believed the election will bring peace and prosperity, according to FANA.

Voters in 78 of a total of 547 constituencies across the country will have to wait until Sept. 6 to vote due to some logistical, security, and administrative issues.

The country has also introduced transparent ballot boxes in the 6th parliamentary and regional councils’ election, and more than 37.4 million registered voters will elect 547 federal parliament members.

As many as 9,175 candidates have been fielded by 47 political parties, while 125 joined the contest independently in the polls being conducted at more than 49,407 polling stations across the Horn of the African country.

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