Coronavirus cases in Ethiopia have reached 101,248, the Health Minister said Friday.

At least 1,554 people have died of virus related-complications, the update said.

Meanwhile, 63,268 patients have recovered.

Migrants’ care

The UN Migration Agency said Friday it will continue supporting Ethiopia in facilitating quarantine service for returnees and providing personal protection equipment.

“As the designated lead agency for supporting the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) in the management of returnee migrants, International Organization for Migration (IOM) continues to support quarantine facilities in Addis Ababa and the regions (11 in total),” it said.

Since March, the government of Ethiopia designated 75 quarantine facilities for returnee migrants, of which 11 are currently operational.

According to IOM, between April 1 and Nov. 9, Ethiopia received over 38,113 returnee migrants: 10,269 from Djibouti, 8,007 from Somalia, 7,655 from Sudan, 4,787 from KSA, 1,707 from Kenya and 5,688 from other countries.

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