President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Tuesday that Türkiye is committed to finding a solution based on Syria’s demographic realities and territorial integrity. He made this statement in light of recent regional upheaval and urged other significant regional powers to follow suit.

Speaking after a Cabinet meeting in Ankara, Erdogan emphasized that Türkiye’s approach is inclusive of all ethnic and sectarian groups across the region, especially during challenging times. While prioritizing Türkiye’s border security, he stated that Ankara also seeks to maintain regional balance.

Erdogan underscored the importance of creating an administrative structure that reflects the demographic composition of the area, particularly citing the Iraqi city of Kirkuk, which has recently experienced civil unrest and has a large Turkmen population.

Addressing U.S. support for the YPG/PKK, a group Türkiye considers to be a terrorist organization, Erdogan warned that continued cooperation with them would harm both U.S. interests and regional stability. He asserted that recent events validate Türkiye’s concerns.

Erdogan criticized the Syrian regime’s unconstructive role and emphasized Türkiye’s resolve to work toward a lasting solution based on Syria’s territorial integrity and demographic makeup. He called upon influential parties such as the U.S., Russia, and Iran to work collaboratively toward this goal.

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