The fifth month of 2020 continued to witness numerous environmental disasters that impaired climate change including massive flooding in Kenya, landslides in Indonesia, a powerful cyclone in India, and Bangladesh as well as a tropical typhoon in South Asia.
Here is a look at the global environmental disasters during the previous month.
May 2:
– A dam partially collapses due to heavy rain in eastern Uzbekistan affecting 70,000 people. The waters wash away hundreds of houses.
May 4:
– Four people lost lives in sweeping floods in western Uganda. The floods due to heavy rains displace 5,000 people.
– More than 20,000 houses submerge in western Java, Indonesia affecting approximately 80,000 people.

May 5:
– Snow avalanche in the Indian-administered Kashmir kills one person, injures another one.

May 6:
– At least 16 people lost lives and more than 200,000 hit by torrential rains and floods in Somalia, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reports.
– Mudslide kills at least 45 miners in the northwestern Grand Cape Mount County of Liberia, according to local media.

May 7:
– Heavy rains caused severe flooding in Baghlan and Samangan provinces in northern Afghanistan, damages thousands of houses.
– Wildfires in the Florida Panhandle in the US forces evacuation of thousands of people from their homes, according to authorities.

May 8:
– More than 57,000 people are displaced in western Kenya due to ongoing heavy rains killing at least seven people.
– Ongoing flooding in Kenya has claimed the lives of 237 people, according to officials.

May 9:
– At least 12 people lost lives and five others are missing in central Ethiopia after floods hit the region.

May 11:
– Heavy rain, in Rwanda, leads to floods and mudslides in which at least 72 people die.

May 12:
– Heavy rain in southern Colombia triggers flooding and a major landslide in the Ricaurte municipality, where 30 families are evacuated.

May 15:
– Heavy rainfall caused by the Typhoon Vongfong in Samar Island in the Philippines destroys homes and displaces over 140,000 people.

May 16:
– Severe climate conditions displace nearly half a million people, including at least 240,000 children, in Burundi, Rwanda, Djibouti, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, and Tanzania, according to the humanitarian group Save the Children.

May 18:
– Heavy rain and floods kill 2 people and damage 15 homes in Morona Santiago Province, Ecuador.

May 19:
– The tropical cyclone — known as Amphan with maximum sustained winds of 265 kilometers (165 miles) per hour hits the Bay of Bengal.
May 20:
– At least two people are killed, several others injured and 245 homes are damaged as a tornado hit several villages on Indonesia’s Sumatra island.

May 21:
– Cyclone Amphan, which forces displacement of three million people in India and Bangladesh, claims at least 88 lives.
– At least six people die and several houses shatter in floods in Uganda’s Kasese district, according to local media.

May 27:
– The death toll from floods pounding the East African nation of Kenya rises to 285. Nearly one million people are affected, announces the government.

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