The head of the Turkish Defense Industries Presidency (SSB) on Monday asked women working in the defense industry to encourage young women to join the sector. 

“Tell the young ladies, who especially study in engineering and informatics, that we need them in the defense industry. I ask you to guide them to this field in their studies,” said Ismail Demir.

Speaking before a panel titled ‘The Women Strengthening the Defense Industry,’ Demir noted that the number of employees in the defense industry had increased fourfold over the last five years.

Pointing out that women made up 26% of the increase, he said: “Today, around 40% of our colleagues working in the SSB are women. In the last five years, while the number of employees in the SSB increased approximately twofold, the number of female personnel employed increased at the same rate as well.”

Demir also marked International Women’s Day, saying that he congratulates the women who made the world more beautiful and more livable with their sacrifices, efforts, love and struggle.

*Written by Yunus Girgin in Ankara

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