A suspect, apprehended in Turkey’s central province of Kayseri, was arrested on Thursday. 

In an operation by the provincial gendarmerie, Abdullah G., claimed to be a Daesh/ISIS member, was arrested.

After routine health checks, the suspect was sent to the local courthouse.

Meanwhile, in Turkey’s northwestern Bolu province, three suspects of Syrian origin were caught.

Legal process about the three suspects caught by the provincial security forces in an anti-terror operation on June 29 was completed today.

After health checks, Abdurrahman Alahmad (28), Qasim Hammud (27), and Halid Al Asmar (26) were arrested and sent to prison.

One runaway suspect is still being searched by the police, sources said.

Turkey, in 2013, was among the first countries to list Daesh/ISIS as a terror group.

The country has since been hit by the group numerous times in at least 10 suicide attacks, seven bombings, and four armed attacks, in which 315 people have been killed and hundreds others injured.

In response, Turkey has launched military and police operations at home and abroad to prevent further terror attacks.

* Writing by Firdevs Bulut in Ankara.

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