A survivor of the coronavirus in this northwestern province shared his experience dealing with the deadly disease Tuesday with Anadolu Agency and pleased for everyone to wear masks.

Mehmet Latif Toprak, 32, who works as clinical support staff at Kirklareli Training and Research Hospital, learned he contracted the virus when he was tested after complaining of fever, weakness and joint pain.

He said he went through a very difficult period with the illness, with increasing joint and back pain that landed him in the hospital. He was then released to recover at home where he was separated from his loved ones in the process and that it took a psychological effect.

“I was quarantined in separate rooms with my wife during this period. I couldn’t get out of bed for about a week. I had trouble breathing, and I had a lot of joint pain. I have never seen such a disease,” he said. “May God not give it to anyone.”

From his experience, he said everyone should be wary of the virus. “Please, everyone, pay attention to the measures of social distance, mask and hygiene. This disease is transmitted very quickly, you have no idea where, from whom, how it is transmitted,” he added.

*Writing by Merve Berker

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