Health departments and officials in Arab countries announced on Sunday new coronavirus cases, related deaths and recoveries.


In Tunisia, 62 people died while 1,064 people contracted COVID-19, pushing the toll to 7,162 and 216,176 respectively. Total recoveries reached 172,885 with 1,742 additions.


In Morocco, 13 people succumbed to the disease, taking the total to 8,381. The infections tally increased by 587 to touch 474,966. As many as 619 patients recovered, bringing the total to 453,921.


Two people died, 223 contracted the virus while 178 regained health. The total now stands at 108,852 including 2,911 deaths and 74,508 recoveries.


Seven more people died, bringing the death toll to 921. As many as 3,093 new COVID-19 cases were identified, pushing the total to 326,495.


With two more deaths, 633 new cases and 432 recoveries, the tally in Oman reached 135,674 COVID-19 infections, 1,534 related deaths and 127,698 recoveries.


Libya reported 17 virus-linked deaths, 1,132 new cases and 1,227 recoveries. The new total is 1,953 fatalities, 124,026 cases and 104,539 recoveries.


Nine patients died, 1,134 got infected while 1,026 recovered, taking the tally to 13,120, 628,550 and 600,193 respectively.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia announced that five more people died, 317 new cases were confirmed whereas 278 patients recovered.

Tally now stands at 370,278 infections, 6,402 deaths and 361,515 recoveries.


Two patients died, pushing the death toll to 966. The overall caseload increased by 962 to reach 170,998.

*Writing by Merve Berker

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