Singapore has started to shift foreign workers, who have recovered from the coronavirus, to cruise ships.

“After passing a thorough assessment by various agencies, the first workers boarded the ship on 29 April from Marina Bay Cruise Centre, which is now equipped with sick bays and an isolation station,” said the Singapore Tourism Board in a Facebook post on Friday.

Dormitories housing hundreds of thousands of foreign laborers become the hotspot of coronavirus in the city-state in recent weeks and the government was looking for a solution to isolate workers who were recovered.

The city-state on Friday reported 932 new COVID-19 cases, almost all of whom are foreign workers, bringing the country’s tally to over 17,100, according to Health Ministry on Friday.

More than 14,750 foreign workers in dormitories were infected by the virus, making up about 87% of Singapore’s overall cases.

The government gave permission to two mid-size cruise ships — SuperStar Gemini and SuperStar Aquarius — for providing temporary onboard accommodations for foreign workers following a feasibility check.

“These are part of the Government’s efforts to transfer workers to alternative living areas to reduce the spread of the virus within their dormitories,” the statement said.

At least 15 people have died of the coronavirus in the country and 1,244 others have recovered.

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