SRINAGAR, Jammu and Kashmir

In an effort to raise awareness about the novel coronavirus, an Urdu language daily in the Indian-administered Kashmir on Tuesday attached a face mask on its front page along with a message highlighting the significance of wearing masks.

As infections in the region neared 15,000 with 260 fatalities, the daily Roshini came up with an innovative editorial on its front page.

It also highlighted the need to wear masks with a message: “With this [mask], not only you but those around you can stay protected from coronavirus.”

Zahoor Ahmad Shora, the owner and editor-in-chief of Roshini, told Anadolu Agency that the message aimed at making the public understand the importance of wearing masks during the outbreak.

“The pandemic is looming large in this region but at the same time many people are misinformed regarding the pandemic. Some say it does not exist at all,” Shora said.

He also added that as a media outlet, it becomes a responsibility towards the society to inform the public regarding such existing health threats and “as a duty we have come out with this message to help the general public,” Shora told Anadolu Agency.

The idea was praised by many people, especially by the locals, on social media platforms.

Meantime in the region, 113 non-local laborers tested positive for COVID-19 out of 14,937 who have arrived in Kashmir region over the last week.

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