At least 35,954 people across Africa have died of coronavirus-related complications, the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said in an update Wednesday.

The death toll is included in 1,472,433 people confirmed to have been infected so far since April when zero case was recorded in Egypt.

Meanwhile, 1,217,457 patients have recovered as Africa maintains more than 80% recovery rate over the past month.

South Africa recorded the largest number of cases and deaths but also recoveries that stand now at 672,600, 16,700 and 606,500 respectively.

Of the five geographic regions in the continent, Southern Africa is the worst affected with 735,500 cases, 17,900 deaths and 653,100 recoveries.

North Africa recorded 333,600 cases, West Africa 176,200, East Africa 169,400, and Central Africa 57,800.

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