ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia/YAOUNDE, Cameroon 

The number of people infected with the novel coronavirus in Africa surpassed 1.1 million on Monday, the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention said.

At least 25,618 people have died across the continent, while 834,262 patients have recovered, the latest figures show.

Southern Africa recorded 621,900 cases, North Africa 194,500, West Africa 147,900, East Africa 102,900 and Central Africa 51,600.

At least 12,600 people have so far died of the virus in Southern Africa, 7,500 in North Africa, 2,200 each in East and West Africa, and 1,000 in Central Africa.

More than 492,500 patients have recovered in Southern Africa, 123,500 in North Africa, 118,600 in West Africa, 60,600 in East Africa and 39,100 in Central Africa.

Meanwhile, Cameroon’s Health Ministry said the strengthening of surveillance and decentralization of the response to COVID-19 made it possible to operationalize a response plan adapted in each of the country’s 10 regions.

It urged the people to remain cautious, vigilant and comply with anti-virus measures.

“We must, therefore, continue to keep in mind that the fight against the disease is not won,” it said.

The Central African country has so far registered 18,469 virus cases, including 401 deaths and 16,540 recoveries.

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