Cases of the novel coronavirus in Greece rose by 2,752 in the past 24 hours on Wednesday, according to health authorities.

Of these, 39 were identified at the entry points into the country, said the National Public Health Organization (EODY), with total cases now at 63,321.

While 4,556 infections are linked to overseas travel, 17,036 to already-known cases.

Meanwhile, the number of intubated patients continued to rise, reaching 297 from Tuesday’s 263.

Another 43 people died the highest toll so far in the country since the end of lockdown in May, bringing the toll of the disease to 909.

Officials announced a nationwide overnight curfew that is to come into effect on Friday in an effort to stop surging infections.

Deputy Minister for Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias told reporters that the curfew would apply from 9.00 p.m. to 5.00 a.m., with only people who have to go to work, as well as health emergencies, to be exempt.

People walking their pets will also be allowed outdoors, provided they remain within a close vicinity of their residence.

The country has been under lockdown since Nov. 7, with residents only allowed to leave their homes after sending a text message.

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