Effective treatment methods and a successful health care system laid the basis for a low coronavirus death toll in Turkey, compared to many European countries.

The fight against COVID-19 has been the most important agenda item in recent months in Turkey.

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In contrast to many developed Western countries, Turkey is among the group of countries that are successfully combating the pandemic.

Thanks to the effective treatment methods and successful health care system, the negative effects of the pandemic remained minimal.

The worldwide “death rates per case” figures also show the successful treatment of patients in Turkey.

In light of the latest data, it is notable that among the top 10 countries with the most cases registered, including the UK, Italy, Spain, and many other European countries, Turkey registered a lower death rate.

So, what are the main factors underlying the success of Turkey’s struggle against pandemic? How is the process managed during the epidemic? Anadolu Agency gives insight into questions with a project.

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