BOGOTA, Colombia

The Latin America and the Caribbean region have recorded more than 8.5 million coronavirus cases and nearly 320,000 deaths as of Friday, according to Johns Hopkins University. 

Brazil reported nearly 4.5 million infections and 135,793 deaths, the most fatalities after the US.

Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Colombia are among the top 10 nations of confirmed cases. 

And yet, some countries have observed a decrease in the daily number of new cases in the last two weeks.


Although it is reporting 858 new deaths linked to the coronavirus and cases rose by 39,797, authorities in Brazil have highlighted the number of new infections has decreased 30% in the past week. 

In the epicenter of the coronavirus in Latin America, cities have reopened bars, restaurants, beauty salons and schools. 


At least 40,000 Venezuelans are voluntarily returning to Colombia, according to the migration agency in Colombi. 

A strict nationwide quarantine left Venezuelan migrants without jobs, motivating 106,000 to return home. 

But with the economy reopening in Colombia — restaurants, bars, hotels, construction, among others — immigration authorities foresee a new exodus of Venezuelans to Colombia, the main destination for Venezuelans fleeing an economic and social crisis.

Colombia has registered 744,000 cases of the virus, while Venezuela’s official number stands at 64,284.

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