NUR SULTAN, Kazakhstan 

The novel coronavirus pandemic is hurting a number of Eurasian countries as governments grabble with its effects.


The number of cases rose to 2,060 with 76 more infections, and the number of recoveries climbed to 1,508 with 28 additions.

A total of 526 patients are currently under treatment and 26 have died from the virus.


In Uzbekistan, 15 new patients contracted the virus, bringing the tally to 2,204, while 1,501 have recovered but 10 lost their lives.

A total of 693 patients are in treatment.


Health officials said with 861 new cases, the tally rose to 18,350.

The death toll is at 107, while 3,771 patients have recovered.


Kazakhstan’s Health Ministry said the number of cases rose 19 to 4,179.

To date, 1,264 patients have recovered while 29 have died.


In Kyrgyzstan, the number of cases reached 843 with 11 deaths.

A total of 600 have recovered from the virus.


There are 230 cases and three deaths with 3,208 patients in quarantine in Tajikistan.

The first case of the country was registered on April 29.


The number of COVID-19 cases rose to 4,363 with 115 additional infections in Moldova.

Meanwhile, 133 patients have died.


Due to the quarantine announced March 12 in Ukraine as a result of the pandemic, 166,000 people lost jobs and the total number of unemployed stands at 456,800.

The number of coronavirus cases is 12,697 and the death toll is 316. Some 1,875 patients have recovered.

Global spread of coronavirus

More than 3.6 million cases have been reported in 187 countries and regions since the virus emerged in China last December, with the US and Europe the world’s hardest-hit areas.

A significant number of COVID-19 patients, nearly 1.2 million, have recovered. But the virus has claimed more than 254,500 lives, according to data compiled by the US’ Johns Hopkins University.

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