The total number of coronavirus cases in Africa reached 51,698, according to data released by the Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday.

According to the latest update, the death toll in the continent rose to 2,012, while 17,590 coronavirus patients have so far recovered.

North Africa registered a total of 19,100 cases, including 1,200 deaths and 6,700 recoveries; West Africa reported 14,500 cases, with 330 deaths and 4,300 recoveries; Southern Africa saw 8,300 cases, with 169 deaths and 3,300 recoveries; East Africa confirmed 5,100 cases, including 150 deaths and 2,000 recoveries; and Central Africa reported 4,700 cases, with 188 deaths and 1,200 recoveries.

South Africa has the highest number of cases with 7,800, while Egypt has 7,600 cases; but in terms of deaths, Egypt recorded 469, while South Africa counted 153.

Algeria has the highest number of deaths from the coronavirus with 476, while Morocco saw 183 deaths.

Cameroon lost 108 people to the virus, Nigeria 103, Burkina Faso 48, Sudan 49, Somalia 39, Kenya 26, and the Democratic Republic of Congo 36, while many other countries across the continent registered deaths numbering less than 10.

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