The novel coronavirus claimed 165 more lives in Africa over the past 24 hours, bringing the tally in the continent to 3,348, said an update by Africa Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention on Monday.

The number of COVID-19 infections in the continent has now jumped to 111,348 after a whopping 7,415 new cases were registered in a day, according to the update.

Meanwhile, as many as 3,157 patients recovered over the past 24 hours.

North Africa has seen a total of 1,600 deaths, West Africa 611, Southern Africa 451, Central Africa 334, and East Africa 332, according to the data.

In terms of cases, North Africa recorded a total of 34,400 cases, West Africa 29,200, Southern Africa 24,200, East Africa 12,200, and Central Africa 11,400.

South Africa has the highest number of cases that tallied at 22,600 while the North Africa state of Egypt recorded 17,300 cases. In terms of death toll, Egypt recorded 764 fatalities while South Africa registered 429.

Nigeria in West Africa saw 226 fatalities, Sudan in the East 165 and Cameroon in Central Africa 159.

In terms of cases, in East Africa, Sudan identified 3,800 patients, Djibouti 2,200, Somalia 1,600, Kenya 1,200 and Ethiopia 582.

In Central Africa, Cameroon recorded 4,400 cases, DRC 2,300, Gabon 1,900, Equatorial Guinea 719 and Chad 675.

In West Africa, Nigeria traced 7,800 cases, Ghana 6,700, Guinea 3,300, Senegal 3,000 and Ivory Coast 2,400.

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