Urban planners need to take into consideration the impact of climate change on cities, a Turkish geologist has said.

“We should renew our understanding of urbanization, planning and regulations regarding construction based on the effects of climate change,” Huseyin Alan, head of Turkey’s Chamber of Geological Engineers, told Anadolu Agency on Tuesday.

He was referring to Sunday’s floods in Turkey’s Black Sea region in which at least eight people lost their lives besides 17 buildings being demolished and 361 other structures damaged.

Stressing on the danger of constructing a building in the vicinity of a river beds, which played a role in Giresun floods, Alan warned of the risks posed by such disasters.

He said that more than 25,000 houses have been severely damaged, and financial losses worth 8-9 billion Turkish liras (over $1 billion) have been incurred in 2020 alone — a sign for Turkey to look at the issue holistically.

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