By Muhammad Mussa


The Church of England introduced a new scheme in which 30% of its strategic leadership development program will be reserved for members of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) community.

In a report leaked to The Spectator magazine entitled, “From Lament to Action: Report of the Archbishops’ Anti-Racism Taskforce,” the Church said it would provide training on racism and discrimination as well as explain the history of certain statues and symbols that may offend as part of a wider effort to combat institutional racism.

“As Archbishops, we commissioned this report because the time for talking about tackling systemic racism has long since passed: this is a moment for decisive action.” The Archbishop of Canterbury and York said in the report.

“That is why when our behaviour treats other Christians as lesser or other, or our theology fails to celebrate the dramatic nature of our transformation in Christ, or our appointments and processes reinforce such prejudice: that is all sin,” he added.

In October, the Church set up a task force to come up with recommendations and establish a timetable for when they would be implemented. During consultations, the Church agreed to implement more than 160 recommendations made to the institutions since 1985.

Such recommendations will be taken up by the Racial Justice Unit and will work to implement solutions that will allow the Church to expand its membership and diversify leadership.

“The work of the Anti-Racism Task Force is also laying important foundations for the forthcoming Racial Justice Commission, which will identify ways in which the Church can work towards full and equal participation.” the report said.

At present, there are only five serving bishops who are from the BAME community. However, only one of the 42 diocesan bishops is an ethnic minority.

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