China’s leading device maker Xiaomi is set to open a production facility in Istanbul with an investment of $30 million in the first quarter of this year.

Turkey will be the fourth country in the world where the brand is starting production, according to a statement from the company on Thursday.

The company will employ nearly 2,000 people in the Turkish plant which will have an annual production capacity of 5 million smartphones.

Recalling that the company has been operating in Turkey since 2019, Usher Liu, Xiaomi Country Manager Turkey, said:

“We will continue our investments without ceasing, and we hope to move our actions one step further each time.”

Xiaomi is collaborating with charger maker Salcomp in this investment where it will continue to grow with new technologies, the statement noted.

David Chang, Salcomp Director of Europe, said the company aims to contribute to Turkey’s economy with this investment, calling it a beginning step.

“We are very pleased that we’ll have the chance to make big projects in Turkey,” Chang said.

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