Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo announced expanding investment in Turkey in line with its growth in the country, according to a statement on Thursday.

“After having positive meetings with the officials of the ministries of treasury and finance, industry and technology and the commerce, we hope to share with you more information on our investment decision soon,” said Weijian Zhou, Turkey’s Oppo chief.

The company officially entered the Turkish market last year. It gives special importance to Turkey as it has done most of its sales in the European region to Turkey.

Founded in 2004 in Dongguang, China, Oppo has more than 40,000 employees worldwide and has reached more than 300 million users.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s new economic team has pledged to introduce market-friendly and more transparent policies, shifting towards a more balanced economy to ensure free-market protection.

The country will make structural reforms to improve the investment climate for domestic and international entrepreneurs.

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