China on Thursday accused US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of spreading “lies”.

Addressing a news conference in Beijing, China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lijian Zhao said: “China urges the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to correct mistakes and stop spreading ‘political viruses’ to avoid becoming an international laughing stock.”

He added that the “American politician keeps attacking and slandering China with groundless accusations.”

The statement comes a day after Pompeo alleged China of taking “incredibly aggressive action” in a recent clash with India in Ladakh area of disputed Jammu and Kashmir region.

The spokesman also slammed US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper for mulling increased focus on China, daily Global Times reported.

“It is filled with outdated Cold War and zero-sum mentality, which goes against the tide of time and is fundamentally wrong,” said Lijian.

Esper in an address to American forces on Tuesday said the US Department of Defense would “focus on China”.

‘China-India border stable’

The Chinese official also referred to the border stand-off with India saying the situation is relaxing.

“Chinese and Indian border troops have been disengaged thanks to commander-level meetings,” said Lijian.

“The overall situation at the border area remains stable and is moving towards relaxation,” he added.

Border clashes on June 15 killed 20 Indian troops, heightening tensions between nuclear-armed neighbors.

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