DOUALA, Cameroon

Anadolu Agency received the results of an investigation Tuesday of a homemade bomb attack on a snack bar in the nation’s capital, Yaounde. 

“An explosive device concealed in a black and red bag, representing an electronic device with remote activation, consisting of a motorbike battery, a memory card and electrical wires” caused a “major explosion” that damaged the walls of the establishment and a car, according to a statement from the Ministry of Communication received by the Turkish news agency that said a probe has been launched to find those responsible.

Nine people injured in the bar on Nov. 2 were taken to a hospital and are out of immediate danger.

Government spokesman Rene Emmanuel Sadi said two plastic bottles containing an inflammatory liquid and an empty refrigerator gas canister, with signs of charring, were found at the scene.

This incident occurred two weeks after a fire engulfed two cars at a school Oct. 19 – 20 in Douala, according to media reports.

The school’s promoters said in a statement they had been “the target of a terrorist attack perpetrated by highway bandits.”

They also reported that the attackers blackmailed them a few days earlier.

The attackers were arrested following the fires and confessed.

Those events come on the heels of a massacre of six students Oct. 24 in Kumba, in the southwest.

Thirteen students were also seriously injured in that attack at a primary school.

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