The Brooklyn Nets lost to the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday night in their sixth consecutive NBA defeat that ended 112-101.

Nic Claxton tried to rally the Nets with his 23 points and 11 rebounds but James Harden’s poor game and the absence of Kevin Durant, Joe Harris, and LaMarcus Aldridge hit Brooklyn hard at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento.

Harden played with only 4 points and 12 assists, while Kyrie Irving was unable to leave a mark with 14 points.

On a right hand strain that Harden recently suffered, Nets coach Steve Nash said: “I think he’s feeling less (hand) irritation.”

“So, the inflammation has come down. Therefore, the irritation is much better, and he feels like he’s functioning well, so we’re very hopeful.”

The Brooklyn Nets are sixth with 29 wins and 22 loses in the Eastern Conference standings, while the Sacramento Kings placed 13th with 19 wins and 34 loses in the Western table.


Indiana Pacers – Orlando Magic: 118-119

Philadelphia 76ers – Washington Wizards: 103-106

Boston Celtics – Charlotte Hornets: 113-107

New York Knicks – Memphis Grizzlies: 108-120

Houston Rockets – Cleveland Cavaliers: 115-104

Dallas Mavericks – Oklahoma City Thunder: 114-120

Utah Jazz – Denver Nuggets: 108-104

Sacramento Kings – Brooklyn Nets: 112-101

Los Angeles Lakers – Portland Trail Blazers: 99-94

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