A man accused of killing a family, including two children, in Brazil’s Federal District town of Ceilandia, has been on the run Tuesday for 14 days.

More than 300 police officers from two states — Goias and the Federal District — have been employed in the search as well as officers from the National Guard since Lazaro Borges de Sousa, 32, killed the Ceilandia family.

He previously escaped from the Aguas Lindas de Goias penitentiary and another prison and is charged with 31 crimes.

Although de Sousa does not fit the definition of a serial killer, he has been called “The DF’s Serial Killer” by local media, which has been highlighting police’s unsuccessful efforts in tracking down the fugitive.

De Sousa even managed to evade capture although the use of helicopters and drones have been used in the pursuit.

He has been hiding deep in the forests in Goias and the Federal District’s rural regions and has already taken hostages, according to Goias Public Security Secretary Rodney Miranda.

De Sousa is said to be armed and is considered dangerous. Residents in cities where the search is concentrated are scared and many have moved.

Goias police said during the last two weeks he has stolen a car, money, weapons, clothing, cell phone charger, exchanged fire with police, which resulted in an injured officer and invaded and burned houses and farms.

De Sousa is charged with five murders, three attempted murders, four robberies, three kidnappings and attempted imprisonment, according to police.

Police and court records show that de Sousa has been accused of 12 crimes from 2007 until his most recent escape.

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