BOGOTA, Colombia

Coronavirus continues to spread in Latin America and the Caribbean on Wednesday with more than 4.5 million cases recorded in the region and more than 190,000 deaths, according to data compiled by US-based Johns Hopkins University.  


Health officials said a daily record was set Wednesday for cases and deaths, with 70,074 infections and 1,595 fatalities.

The South American country has now exceeded 2.5 million COVID-19 cases and 90,134 deaths since the pandemic began, becoming the country with the second most cases worldwide after the US.  


The number of cases and deaths has been rising sharply, although authorities say figures may be underreported.

Mexico has more than 400,000 cases and almost 45,000 deaths. 


It recorded one of the worst outbreaks in the region, although it had one of the first and strictest national lockdowns.

Peru has had more than 18,000 confirmed deaths.  


Hospitals have had to bury dozens victims who have not been identified and are trying to create ways to help relatives find loved ones once the pandemic passes.

Some hospitals started photographing patients who arrive alone and those who die unidentified are placed in body bags with transparent windows above the face area in case family members arrive before they are buried.

But protocols that require patients who die from the virus to be buried fast is making identifying tasks very difficult.

Guatemala has more than 47,000 infections and almost 1,900 deaths.

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