BOGOTA, Colombia

Army Gen. Walter Braga Netto, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro´s chief of staff, has tested positive for COVID-19, his office said on Monday. 

Braga Netto is the seventh minister in Bolsonaro’s government to have contracted the virus.

“The chief of staff is doing well and he is asymptomatic,” the office announced in a statement, adding: “He will remain in isolation until a new test and medical evaluation is carried out. Until then, he will continue to fulfill his agenda remotely.”

Last week, first lady Michelle Bolsonaro and Science and Technology Minister Marcos Pontes tested positive for the virus, officials confirmed on July 30 — days before Bolsonaro announced he had contracted the disease but his latest test showed he has made a full recovery.

Bento Albuquerque, who is in charge of mines and energy, and Augusto Heleno, who heads the institutional security office, tested positive in March.

Citizenship Minister Onyx Lorenzoni, Education Minister Milton Ribeiro, and Transparency, Supervision and Control Minister Wagner Rosario have been diagnosed with COVID-19 as well.

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