The fate of Bosnia and Herzegovina depends on discussions among local lawmakers with the support of the Turkish president, Serb leader Milorad Dodik said Wednesday.

The Serb member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina expressed his satisfaction with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic’s visit to Turkey.

“Last year, during Erdogan’s visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, I stated that the problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be resolved with the mediation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, and Croatian President Zoran Milanovic,” Dodik told the SRNA news agency. “The fate of Bosnia and Herzegovina depends on the dialogue of local politicians with the support of Erdogan, Vucic, and Milanovic. Other than that, no one’s opinion will lead to a good outcome for Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

At a joint news conference Tuesday in Ankara with Vucic, Erdogan was asked about the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and said that the men wanted the three leaders of the Presidential Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina to come together in a meeting in Ankara or Belgrade to work out current political issues in the country.

Political dispute in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia-Herzegovina is currently embroiled in a political conflict between Bosniaks and Serbs living in the country.

The dispute erupted after Valentin Inzko, the former high representative for Bosnia-Herzegovina, amended the criminal code in July to ban the denial of genocide and the glorification of war criminals.

Bosnian Serb lawmakers in response said they would boycott the country’s institutions.

Dodik denounced the amendments and pushed for the controversial separatist moves in the Republika Srpska parliament.

The steps have been criticized internationally for violating the 1995 Dayton Accords and undermining the country’s Constitution.

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