Bolivia’s former Interim President Jeanine Anez said Friday that prosecutors issued an arrest warrant for her and her Cabinet members.

“The political persecution has begun,” Anez said on Twitter. “The MAS has decided to return to the styles of the dictatorship. A shame because Bolivia does not need dictators, it needs freedom and solutions.”

She was referring to the ruling Movement for Socialism Party under the leadership of former President Evo Morales’ successor and current President Luis Arce.

The court filing shared by Anez also orders the arrest of five government ministers and four military chiefs. It charges Anez and the others with “sedition, terrorism and conspiracy.”

Morales took political asylum in Mexico and then Argentina after he was forced to resign in 2019 flowing an election that showed him winning a third term.

Conservative right-wing Senator Anez then proclaimed herself as interim president.

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