Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday of “leading the country into a civil war” regarding violence in protests in Tel Aviv.   

 “The violence and blood spilled yesterday in Tel Aviv is on the hands of Bibi and his emissaries,” said Lapid on Twitter. 

Lapid, who leads the Yesh Atid party, warned that provocation against demonstrators could drag Israel into a civil war and he criticized Netanyahu’s failure to explain attacks on demonstrators. 

“Whoever sows incitement will receive blood. Calling protesters to spread disease, and inciting against civilians protesting, is leading Israel into a civil war. We are on the eve of the 9th of Av and our problem is that one of the greatest haters in Israel is sitting in the Prime Minister’s Office,” he added. 

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz also said attackers of demonstrators must be caught and punished. 

“No one will silence protests in Israel as long as we are here,“ he said on Twitter. 

Israeli Public Broadcasting Agency (KAN) reported Tuesday that during protests in front of Public Security Minister Amir Ohana’s house in Tel Aviv five protesters were injured as a result of an extreme right-wing attack.

*Writing by Burak Dag

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